Knock Knock.

Whose there?


Water who?

Water you going to do when the clinic floods?

Hmmm… put on my PUMPS and temporarily relocate to Chermside Chiropractic, 262 Rode Road, Wavell Heights

(FUNNY, but NO JOKE. I have temporarily relocated for restoration and deep cleaning of the Ainsdale Clinic)



**Dr Susan is now taking New Patients of any age**

please phone us 9am-4:30pm weekdays to book in

Welcome to Our Clinic

We are a Chiropractic Clinic in Chermside West on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland. Our Chiropractic techniques follow best practice guidelines and are effective and efficient in resolving a great number of structural and functional health problems. We use manual adjusting, drop piece, functional muscle testing, Applied Kinesiology and Retained Neonatal Reflexes technique.

Our principal Chiropractor, Dr Susan Walker, is renowned for being the first Australian female to obtain the position of Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK), for her work advancing Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNR) Technique founded by Dr Keith Keen (Osteopath and Chiropractor) and for enhancing the lives of children with learning difficulty and developmental concerns.

Align & Shine – Chiropractic Healthy Centre is located in a small set of suburban shops and offices, known as the Ainsdale Street Shops. It is close to the Raven Street Reserve which has bushwalking and playgrounds. It is also only two streets away from the Rode Road/Appleby Road intersection. Rest assured our location is stroller friendly with fairly level access and on-street parking.


  • to give out a bright light
  • be very talented or perform very well

The human body is regulated by an electrical-based system called the nervous system. Chiropractors are skilled to work with problems in the nervous system. You may be familiar with terms like nerve pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, impingement, restless leg, tics, and headaches and all of these can be signs of dysfunction in the nervous system. Like how dimmers on a light switch can turn down the brightness or ramp up the light you see, Chiropractors work to shine light (or nerve conducted information) to areas that aren’t receiving the appropriate amount of brilliance. By enhancing how the nervous system functions, patients can experience improved body control and a greater sense of vitality, just like turning the dimmer back up for more brightness. Patients often report feeling brighter in both mood and mental function, and their body can feel lighter as muscle activation and co-ordination improves.

Chiropractic is a separate profession, distinct from Medicine, with its own philosophical and historical background. Chiropractic is a science, an art, and a philosophy and it’s the largest drug-free primary healthcare profession. Chiropractors accept referrals from GPs (although an actual referral is not required to see a Chiropractor) and refer patients to Medical Doctors when further testing or management is required that may be outside of the scope of our practice. It is common place in our clinic for patients to consent to our connecting with their other practitioners in different healthcare fields to ensure professional cohesion for the best desired outcomes.

Chiropractors have been described as “neurosurgeons without a scalpel”. We are not medical specialists and we have no license to break the skin, but we are required to do a tremendous amount of Neurology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Diagnostics, Pharmacocology, Radiology and Osteology study in our 5 years at University to obtain our degree and/or masters of Chiropractic. When this theoretical study is combined with years of fine-tuning our psychomotor skills of palpation and adjusting (rather than learning surgical skills), Chiropractic can be a sensible place to start when you experience body pain or dysfunction. Your Chiropractor will be able to determine if your pain or health concerns are likely to respond to our hands-on care and may recommend a trial course of treatments.

Meet Dr Susan Walker (Chiropractor)

During the last year of her Masters, Susan took on an additional night course taught by ICAK Diplomate Dr Keith Keen (Chiropractor) and upon her graduation he asked her to join his clinic on Macquarie Street, Sydney. By taking on Dr Keith’s life’s learnings, it placed Susan quickly amongst the sought after practitioners in Sydney for child care.  Susan has contributed to Applied Kinesiology and Retained Neonatal Reflexes® (RNR®) development for more than a decade and teaches both techniques locally and internationally. She has been a teaching Diplomate for the International College of Applied Kinesiology since 2008 and one of three qualified Retained Neonatal Reflexes® teachers in the world. She founded Your Body Works, a busy child focused Chiropractic clinic in north Brisbane where she worked for 12 years, then created Brilliance Chiropractic based in Redcliffe Peninsula, and moved back into North Brisbane with Align&SHINE in 2018.

Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) – University of Queensland
Master of Chiropractic – Macquarie University
Diplomate of International Board of Applied Kinesiology (Antwerp, Belgium).

 Since age eleven Susan knew she was destined to become a Chiropractor.  Observing the treatment of her sister after an injury, it immediately made sense to Susan to put your hands on a body (often a missing step in modern day healthcare) and try to work out the problem before resorting to medication and other more costly, risky, and often preventable intervention.

At Uni she found she had a fascination with bones.  She was able to easily convert all those facets that articulate with neighboring bones into the mechanical function of the human frame. Due to her high results in Osteology, Susan was invited to study Forensic Osteology where she did projects on skeletal remains found in unmarked burials and sorted bags of tiny human hand and foot bones from small bones of other animals. She graduated from University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science and completed her Master of Chiropractic in 2002 at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia.

While Susan works with bodies of all ages with a wide range of presenting concerns, she is in her element when treating children during their rapid years of development and milestones.

Along with the late Dr Keith Keen (Chiropractor), Susan has received worldwide interest in the RNR methods, a strong professional following, and a long list of happily developing little patients.

These days Susan is joined in clinic by her docile and happy Cavoodle puppy named Max.  He is currently training to becoming a therapy dog.

Our Clinic

Phone Us

 Our Chiropractic Assistants (CA) are on the phones 9am-4:30pm weekdays and are able to help you out with any questions you may have.

Give us a call – 0435 553 100.


Cash, EFTPOS, ApplePAY and Credit Card payments are accepted. Sorry we do not run accounts and will not accept payment from third party payers (eg insurance companies, Workcover, Medicare, DVA).

We are not equipped with HICAPS however if your private health covers you for Chiropractic care you can submit your invoice to your fund via their app to collect your rebate.

Online Bookings

At your convenience book-in your next appointment any hour of the day, even when our clinic is closed. Click here to see how easy it is.

For First Appointments please call 0435 553 100.





Use this link to find your way:


Once the clinic is gleaming, dry and back in its former glory,  
you will find us at:

1/50 Ainsdale Street, Chermside West Q 4032

We are close to the Rode Road/Appleby Road/Maundrell Terrace intersection.  Click on the map for directions.

Stroller Friendly & Disabled Access

Easy on-street parking and ground level access. Onsite toilet and change table for your convenience.  To use these facilities please pick up a key in the waiting room as you walk in the door.


Muscle Fatigue & Gained Strength


Chiropractic Can Positively Affect Brain Function 


Your Brain’s Reaction Time


Learn How Even Mild Spinal Dysfunction Can Cause Problems


What is That POP?



COVID-19: What precautions are you taking?

Patient care and safety will always come first.

As of 11 August 2021 these extra precautions are in place:

– For all patients, parents and carers please note the Condition of Entry – No Mask/Face Covering = No Entry

We thank you for understanding the extreme importance of this in body contact therapeutic services during the Covid19 Pandemic. Simple steps prevent the spread. Your booking signifies acceptance of our terms of entry.  This policy will be reviewed when the government deems it no longer mandatory to wear masks indoors.

– Our door is always open! For improved fresh air and ventilation, the door to the treatment room will remain open. Please use your shoulder or elbow to push open the front clinic door.

– Upon entering the clinic please use either the 70% alcohol hand sanitiser or the alcohol free hand sanitiser.

– You’ll notice at the front door a Patient Alert charts signifying some of the known symptoms of COVID-19. DO NOT ENTER the clinic if you are experiencing any of these symptoms mentioned above. Even if you are only a bit unwell with stomach bug or flu symptoms.

– Social distancing – the waiting room can accomodate 4 people (including Dr Susan). Some chairs have been placed outside the clinic in the fresh air, and I ask that if you see someone in the waiting room, please wait outside until you’re asked to come in.

– In case they are needed for any reason, and for your convenience, disinfectant wipes are on the front desk hub for your use.

– Before every patient receives treatment the Chiro Table is being washed down with hospital grade disinfectant and Dr Susan’s hands are being thoroughly cleaned. Gloves are used for any treatment in the mouth or around the eyes.

– Your fruit is now peelable mandarins. Consider them a tasty treat and a Vitamin C boost.

– Antimicrobial essential oils* are being used 24/7 from two diffusers throughout the clinic.

– Importantly, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have had a Chiro treatment less than 24hours prior to coming down with symptoms, you must notify us asap via phone, sms or email.  

* Please note: it is recognised that some of these measures are not recognised by W.H.O., or the Chiropractic regulations board, as requirements for clinicians who are not treating high-risk individuals, nor as defence against the COVID-19 virus.

In the case of LGA LOCKDOWN what do I do? Will you still be open?

Chiropractic has been deemed an essential service during the Stage 4 restrictions. Align&SHINE is permitted to remain open during this period for Chiropractic care, but not ALL Chiropractic cases.

Please follow the government’s announced regulations as each lockdown may vary in distance to travel for healthcare etc.

Based on guidelines given to us by the Australian Chiropractors Association, we can provide care only for URGENT cases. 

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) have imposed conditions under which Chiropractic practices can remain open. At the moment, Chiropractors can provide services in order to prevent a significant change or deterioration in the patient’s functional independence, necessitating escalation of care. 

In the case of Lockdown, Dr Susan is only able to see patients who meet one of these three requirements:

  (a) An absence or delay in your care may result in you needing to consult your GP, a specialist or another healthcare practitioner,

  (b) A delay in your care may lead to you ending up in hospital or in the emergency department, 

  (c) There is likely to be a significant deterioration in your physical or mental health should you not receive care till after lockdown   ceases. This may apply to an acute injury or chronic flare up and would need to be moderate to severe in nature. 

Both you, as the patient, and your Chiropractor have a role to play in determining if you are eligible to access Chiropractic care. 

Should lockdown take place at a time that coincides with your appointment, we will be in touch with you to ensure that the reason for your appointment meets the new restrictions.

What if I have medical exemption from wearing a mask, do I still need to wear one inside the clinic?

When Brisbane is listed as a moderate or high risk LGA…. Yes.  Due to the intimate nature of Chiropractic care, we need body contact to deliver our therapeutic adjustments so distancing of any kind is impossible.  With the highly contagious Delta strains of Covid-19 now in Brisbane and the moderate number of mask-exempt patients that I see, wearing a face covering of some kind before entering the clinic is now a requirement, not just for treatment but for entry into the clinic due to the vulnerability of other patients who visit the clinic each day.  

Chiropractic care is not possible to do over the phone as Psychologist can, nor are we able to treat you while you remain in your car as GPs can. As a profession we are not able to access the PPE scheme afforded to medical practitioners.

If you’re unable to comply due to the reasons for your exemption, I understand this requirement may be difficult for some.  There are Chiropractors who are comfortable seeing patients without masks, and I am happy to assist in transition to another practitioner upon request.

What will it cost?

As of 1 July 2022
Initial consultation $180 allow 50-60 minutes
Standard return consultation $85 allow 15-20 minutes
Long return consultation $140 allow 30-40 minutes


Prepay 10 standard return sessions – $800 ($80 per session and can be used by anyone in your family).  Your first two appointments will be booked 1 week apart at the time of booking your initial appointment.  For most patient’s concerns, a trial course of 4-6 weekly appointments are recommended.  You’ll be able to book follow-up return appointments online or by phone at your convenience.

What are your operating hours?

Please phone 0435553100 for operating hours as these may change due to professional obligations.

I am not well today, and I might be contagious. Can I still come to my appointment?

While we are taught it’s kind to share, reschedule your appointment for when you are well.  Colds, flu, diarrhoea, vomiting, head lice, conjunctivitis, scarlet fever, chicken pox and any other infectious bug is best handled by keeping yourself isolated and contacting your GP via Telehealth or attending face-2-face where possible.

Our practitioner’s work by touching our patients to deliver our therapy. There is no way to remain socially distant when under treatment, so if you’re sick, rest up and get well, and then you’re most welcome to come on in!

How can I explain the first appointment to my Child?
It is important your Child knows what to expect.  We like to explain it this way…

“Your Chiropractor will test a whole bunch of your muscles to see how strong they are.  They will be able to tell from your muscle strength how much information is getting from your brain and down your arm or leg to tell that muscle what to do. If the muscle is strong we know that the brain is getting the messages to that muscle, however if the muscle is weak, your Chiropractor will have to find where the blockage or problem is that is stopping the brain from telling it what to do.”

Our goal is to enhance the speed and function of each body. By doing so, movement becomes better co-ordinated and more efficient. Simply put, doing things gets easier.  For kids, a more brilliant body translates to them having more fun with fewer frustrations.

What is Applied Kinesiology?
Throughout the world Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a postgraduate course with the training only offered to registered primary healthcare professionals. AK is a diagnostic tool using the muscle function of the body to aid in the examination of a patient. By using functional neurological testing, it allows us immediate feedback, aiding the practitioner in making decisions on what type of care the patient needs.
Is Applied Kinesiology Chiropractic safe for Children?

Yes. Our practitioners have treated babies from one day old. About 50% of our clientel are children from 3-8 years of age. Each of our Chiropractors see around 250 new patients each year. Adverse reactions are extremely rare. Our treatments on Children are gentle and effective.

Refer to the videos above for more on Chiropractic Safety, Children and Babies.

Do I need a referral?
No. While our patients do come in from referrals from Behavioural Optometrists, Occupational Therapists, Sound Therapists, Pediatric Physiotherapists, and Learning Support/Special Needs Teachers, you do not need a referral for Chiropractic care. Our clinic however has been built on word of mouth referrals.
What is your cancellation policy?

At Align&SHINE we strive to keep everybody happy.  We ask from you the courtesy of at least 4 hours notice for appointment rescheduling to enable us to appoint that time to someone else in need.  Just about every day we have people on the waiting list eager for an appointment should a spot open up.

1st Missed Appointment – We Understand

2nd Missed Appointment – Please Bring Flowers, Wine or Chocolates 

3rd Missed Appointment – Full Standard Consultation Fee Will Be Charged

4th Missed Appointment – No Further Appointments Will Be Made.

All new patients tick a box to agree to the terms of this cancellation policy when completing new patient history forms.

Are your services covered by our private health fund?

Chiropractic care is covered by most private health fund policies (MBF, NIB, Medibank, Bupa). The amount you can claim depends on the fund and the type of cover you have. Please check your policy for further information.

At Align&SHINE we do NOT provide HICAPS for on the spot claiming.  An electronic receipt will be issued to you to make online claiming that bit easier.

Are your services covered by Medicare?

The simple answer is ‘No’. However, if you or your child has been approved by your GP for the ‘Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM)’ or ‘Team Care Arrangements’ then you are able to be reimbursed a portion of our treatment fee through Medicare for up to five sessions. In this case you will pay for the consultation in full and then be reimbursed through Medicare.

Do you accept DVA, WorkCover or any other Third Party Payer?

Align&SHINE is a privately funded clinic.  We are not part of any national medical scheme.  As a patient at this clinic you agree to pay for consultations in full at the time of your appointments.  We do not run accounts nor accept payments from third party payers on your behalf.  Align&SHINE does not accept Medicare Cards, WorkCover, Seniors Cards, DVA, Concession Cards, Private Health Fund Cards or any other card which may entitle you to reduced medical fees in government subsidised establishments.

Will I need X-Rays?
Depending on what your patient history reveals, you may or may not require x-rays. If your practitioner recommends an x-ray, you can be referred to the radiology centre of your choice.  Provided you have a current Medicare card (ie you are an Australian citizen), your spinal x-rays can be bulk-billed. Peripheral x-rays (eg., knees, wrists) if referred by a Chiropractor can not be bulk-billed in full and will usually cost you around $20-$50 per region.

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